Driving around in Bosnia — August 2006
Manning Leonard Krull

One day when Lada was busy working in Sarajevo, Alexis drove us and Lada's mom around in the Bosnian countryside. Lada's mom was our tourguide and took us to what I believe she described as the last virgin forest in Europe. All I know is, it sure was pretty. I don't have much to say about these pictures; it's just a lot of beautiful countryside.

We stopped for lunch at a "restaurant" which was just some house with a sign on it that said restaurant (not shown; this is where we parked out front). We entered a tiny dining area that looked like a converted garage, and no one was there, so Lada's mom called out a few times, and then a nice, smiling lady showed up to take our order, as she toweled her hair dry.

We ate outside in the chilly mountain air, and I wish I could express to you how huge these chickens were that hung around the whole time, waiting for us to drop our guard to they could kill us.

No, seriously, they were freaking enormous. This doesn't do it justice.

Speaking of enormous! Look at how tiny Alexis looks down there in the middle! He's French and all, but he's not that small. We found this strange war memorial by accident while driving around. Those two pieces are two charging armies; you can make out rough, blocky faces toward the middle there.

I love watching the shadows of the clouds roll across the mountains.

Alexis insisted on taking this picture of me with my own camera. He said he wanted it to look like "a Type O Negative album cover."

Here you can see the soldiers' faces a bit better.

Now we're way up in the virgin forest I mentioned. We hiked along a trail in the woods all the way out to this cliff where you can see a waterfall in the distance (near the middle there).

The next and last gallery from this big trip is us hanging out in Sarajevo some more...

- Manning Leonard Krull

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