Sarajevo again — August 2006
Manning Leonard Krull

I finished up my trip with a few leisurely days back in Sarajevo.

Bosnian coffee! Delicious.

I was waiting at this corner for Lada to get off work, and I suddenly heard a weird crunching sound behind me. Someone apparently puts cat food out for the millions of strays in Sarajevo.

He was trying to be really sneaky, and he didn't seem to appreciate me and my camera too much.

Check out the excellent grafitti on this public toilet.

Man, awesome.

This is one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken, and I have no idea why it came out so cool. Lada and Alexis somehow noticed that someone had thrown out tons of old books — stacks and bags and boxes of them. Alexis insisted on digging through all of them and keeping some of the cooler/older ones, even though they were all in Bosnian.

Something tells me Omar wrote that himself.

This is the spot where Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated.

At the opposite corner from the plaque, they've set up this area where you can sit and think about history and stuff.

... And that's the view from the stone bench thing, looking back at the plaque.

Incidentally, this is another view of the same place, from further back and across the bridge, but I wanted to point out the rebuilt patches of wall on that building on the right. You can see where bombs or missles or whatever went right through into those homes. The fact that someone fixed it, and someone is living there right now, is kind of mindblowing to me in a way I can't quite put my finger on.

Monument to dorks.

This bridge was designed by Gustave Eiffel, no lie. Would I kid you? I mean, about bridges?

And... I'm completely out of superlative words to use to sum up how amazing this trip was and wrap up these photo galleries. I'd really like to spend a lot more time in Bosnia, which is a place I knew nothing about before I went there and totally took me by surprise in quickly becoming one of my favorite countries I've ever visited. I hope I get to go back soon.

- Manning Leonard Krull

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