About Manning Krull

The short version:

I'm a New York-based technology director, web developer, and occasional illustrator and sculptor. I'm currently director of technology at Neon. Thanks for stopping by! How've you been?

The long-ish version:

I'll start with work stuff, because that's why most people come here! I've been making websites and other digital media professionally since 1997(!!), largely in the healthcare industry. I get asked about my career path a lot, so I'll explain how I got here:

I started out as a full-time illustrator for an internet startup in my early twenties — this was actually in the pre-dotcom-boom era, and I had no prior computer experience at the time. This shop had a client that required a ton of traditional-media illustrations for their website, and I got the gig. I had no idea at the time that this would be the start of a new career.

While working on those illustrations I began to teach myself Photoshop, and I started designing websites professionally around 1998. I then taught myself front-end development and started doing both the design and programming of sites from start to finish; this was probably around 1999. I did this kind of work for many years; I got my first big healthcare agency job in 2000, and then I moved to France in 2005, where I worked remotely as a freelance designer/developer for agencies and small-business clients, mostly in the US.

When I moved to NYC in 2010 I ended up working as a permalance developer for a healthcare agency for over a year, and then in 2012 I was asked to come on full time to manage the team I was working on; I've been director of technology at Neon ever since. I manage a small technology department that produces websites, touchscreen pieces, the occasional app, et cetera, and I consult on various interactive technologies. I still love designing and coding stuff myself whenever I get the chance, hence this website and my many personal projects.

What else...

Enough about work; here's a little about me and my real life. I've lived in Brooklyn since 2010, but I still miss Paris every day! I still write about Paris occasionally on my site, Cool Stuff in Paris. When I'm not working, I devote most of my energy to various art projects. I've self-published a bunch of comics, I've done lots of freelance illustration work over the years, and recently I've been focused on making paper-maché sculptures, most notably big Halloween decorations and Mardi Gras masks. I'm a member of Skeleton Krewe, a Mardi Gras parade group in New Orleans, and I make a new skull mask every year and fly down to New Orleans to march with the krewe. My year is basically half Halloween planning and half Mardi Gras planning!

I think that's plenty of info for now. Feel free to contact me at manning@manningkrull.com if you have any questions. See ya!

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