Halloween animations

I've been making animated invitations to my Halloween parties since around 2001! For years I made them all in Flash, so those animations aren't around anymore, sadly. In recent years I've been exporting my animations as videos so they can stream to any device; those are all below!

Halloween 2021: Prick or Treat!

Halloween 2019: Summer Camp Slasher

Halloween 2018: Gingerbread House

Halloween 2017: Tomb

Halloween 2016: Seance

Halloween 2015: Voodoo Bayou

... I wish I still had all the older ones! I have a tiny bit of hope that the authoring files may be on an old hard drive somewhere; if I can ever find them I can see if they can be opened in Adobe Animate and exported as video — but with so many years between whatever version of Flash that was and whatever version of Animate is current, I'm not gonna get my hopes up too much that this will be possible. We'll see!

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