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Tiny hand-made crown for my bunny rabbit!

Published by Manning on December 28th, 2017

I made this tiny crown for my old blind bunny rabbit, Acide, for this 13th birthday! It was a quick last-minute project and I didn’t take any pics of my steps, but it was really easy; I’ll explain how I made the thing…

Tiny paper mache crown - Acide wearing the finished crown

I designed the basic shape for the crown on paper and then traced that onto craft foam and cut it out.

I closed the loop of craft foam with a piece of masking tape, and then I covered most of the whole crown shape with little strips of masking tape; this made the whole shape a lot sturdier.

I then covered the crown with one layer of paper maché, using tiny pieces of shipping paper, aka blank newspaper. I let that dry for a few hours.

Tiny paper mache crown - work in progress

The little circles around the crown are regular ol’ thumbtacks. The pointy part of the thumbtacks were (obviously) way too long; they poked all the way through the sides. So I snipped off most of the pointy parts with pliers. I also scratched up the back surface of the thumbtacks with an awl in order to help them stick to hot glue better; the smooth metal surface doesn’t really want to stick to glue very well on its own, but when it’s scratched up, the grooves give the glue better shapes to fill and hold onto. Anyway, I used a hot glue gun to dab a small dot of glue over each hole that I’d poked on the crown, and then I pressed the thumbtacks in place. They held on just fine.

I then spray painted the crown with shiny gold spray paint. And this lil’ project was done! Acide seemed to like it! 13 is absolutely ancient for a bunny rabbit, so he might not look terribly excited in the above pic, but I assure you he was happy wearing his crown; if anything he seemed to wanna know what took us so long to get him one.

Tiny paper mache crown - spray painted gold

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