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Failed vampire hunter Halloween costume

Published by Manning on June 29th, 2015

Failed vampire hunter Castlevania costume for Halloween

This costume was really simple but it makes me laugh so I’m posting it!

The way I described my costume depended on who I was talking to. For nerds, I’d say I was “Manning Belmont, least talented of the Belmonts” (get the Castlevania reference?). To non-nerds I’d just say I was a failed vampire hunter.

Anyway, this was my last-minute costume for Halloween 2008. I came up with the concept for the shirt with bats and blood and remembered I’d recently trash-picked a nice plastic torso mannequin, which turned out to be really helpful for this. I put my white shirt on the mannequin and started painting/gluing. The blood is acrylic paint, applied with a brush, and then when the paint was dry I superglued the bats onto it. While painting I noticed pretty quickly that the paint was going through the shirt onto the mannequin, so I cleaned the paint off and added a layer of newspaper to protect it.

My vampire-hunting accessories include a few store-bought pieces: the cross necklace, whip, and plastic garlic; not even all that is enough when you’re going up against Dracula! A friend helped me make a couple wooden stakes out of wood from Home Depot with holes drilled through them so I could easily attach them to my belt with twine. I glued a bat to a barrette and attached it on the back of my head, and I attached another bat to my forehead with liquid latex. I also used some white creme makeup to make myself even paler than usual, and added some stage blood where the bats were biting my head/face. See my post about makeup, liquid latex, fake blood, etc.

This was one of the few years I didn’t opt for colored contact lenses, but fortunately this photo gave me red eyes! Perfect!

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